Orchard People/Fruit Tree Pruning Masterclass

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Fruit Tree Pruning Masterclass

  • 20 Lessons

Home growers, gardeners and orchardists will learn fruit tree pruning skills to improve fruit tree health and harvest. This 4-hour course covers central leader pruning, espalier pruning and pruning high-density orchard plantings. Price is in USD.

Three Reasons Why You Need This Course

Improve Tree Health

Prevent diseases and insect infestations by boosting air circulation in the canopy. 

Improve Harvest Quality

Channel the tree's energy into quality fruit production by minimizing excess branches.

Learn Advanced Pruning

Prune and train orchard-style high density plantings or decorative espalier fruit trees.

Learn Correct Pruning and Training Today!

This Course Includes:

Information Packed Videos

We don't just teach you what to do...we teach you WHY to do it. Enjoy 4-hours of enlightening video lessons followed by quizzes to test your knowledge. Value $249.

Beautiful eBooks and Worksheets

All the main tips and techniques highlighted in our eBooks and worksheets - the perfect reference to use in the field. Value $25.

Certificate of Completion and CEU Credits

Complete the final test with a score of 70% or more to earn your certificate. Access to continuing education credits for ISA Certified Arborists. Value $49.

Lifetime Access and Unlimited Updates

Review your course as often as you like and enjoy unlimited course updates. Value $49. 

Plus...ACT NOW for Exclusive Access to One-on-One Coaching

Benefit from a half-hour Zoom session with your instructor to answer any remaining questions you have. Bonus $75 value.

Total Value $447 – Yours For Just $149

Don't take our word for it. See what students have to say about this course...

Jayne Mather, Ontario, Canada


This course was exactly what I was hoping it would be. The content was very well organized, engaging and practical. I feel confident in using the skills presented in my small home orchard this season. I'm also considering adding a sweet cherry or plum using the UFO method next year as this idea was new to me and very interesting.

Diana Kuzemchak, Pennsylvania, US


Loved the in depth discussion on different pruning and growing techniques. I have a number of older apple trees that need 'brought back' and I'm excited to start working on those. Finding information on how to go about that hasn't been easy. Thanks!!

Guide Furlani, Nova Scotia, CA


Excellent course in pruning fruit trees. Easy to follow, allows for plenty of reviewing to really "own" your skills. Susan is an enjoyable instructor and the course follows a  logical sequence that goes from basic understanding
to more complex techniques. I am now ready to help growers grow more and better fruit! Thanks Susan!

Sarah Zimmer, Michigan, US


Fantastic and informative class. My husband and I are excited to do a winter pruning on our pear and peach tree and start a plum fan in the spring!

Ashley Thomas, Indiana, US


This was super informative and made it really easy to understand and absorb the material. Pruning has always been intimidating for me, but now I have way more confidence to try these techniques on my own!

Tim Morris, Pennsylvania, USA


Really great info. As an ISA certified arborist for almost 20 years some of it felt pretty basic, but a review is always in order.
Helpful info on auxin and how it relates to pruning. Great job on conveying the principles of pruning.

Theresa Gart, Nebraska, US


Interesting and educational! I’ve learned so much, this course has given me so much enthusiasm to grow more fruit in my suburban yard. Thank you for being so detailed in your explanations! 

Laura Peveler, Missouri, US


Very helpful! This class did a great job of explaining when and why to prune and also explaining about tree hormones and why we need to prune so things don't get out of hand affecting fruit tree production.

Chenille Humes, Ontario, Canada


I am new to orchard care and pruning, but after watching the videos and following along with the activities and replying to your questions, I am now confident I can correctly prune my fruit trees and take good care of them. Job well done. Thank you

Colleen Dieter, Texas, US


This class was eye-opening and explains some complex concepts in simple, direct language. 

Dakota Hardin, Michigan, US


Great information and resources!

Cora Smith, BC, CA


I couldn't be happier with this course. It built on the knowledge gained in the Certificate in Fruit Tree Care course, and introduced me to inspiring new techniques to try in my plantng.

When You Understand the Science, Pruning Becomes Intuitive.

Course Contents

This course is designed for beginner or intermediate level growers. Our students include home growers, master gardeners, ISA Certified Arborists and small scale orchardists from North America, Europe, Australia and from around the world. Click + to see the lessons in each module.  

Welcome to the course!

Welcome to the Masterclass!
    Your Course: A Guided Tour
    • 2 mins
    • 142 MB

    Pruning a Freestanding Tree

    PM 101 Why prune fruit trees?
    • 31 mins
    • 564 MB
    PM 102 How to prune?
    • 38 mins
    • 493 MB
    PM 103 Pruning Cuts
    • 34 mins
    • 685 MB
    Mini Quiz 1
      Growing and Pruning Lemon Trees (Even in Temperate Climates)
      • 11 mins
      • 573 MB
      PDF: When to Prune Fruit Trees (7 pages)
      • 11 MB
      PDF: Growing Urban Orchards eBook - Pruning (13 pages)
      • 248 KB

      Espalier, High Density and UFO Pruning

      PDF: Download Pruning Masterclass Worksheet
      • 448 KB
      PM 201 Espalier Pruning
      • 29 mins
      • 871 MB
      PM 202 Tall Spindle
      • 31 mins
      • 1.59 GB
      PM 203 UFO Sweet Cherry Pruning
      • 14 mins
      • 206 MB
      Mini Quiz 2
        PDF: How to build an espalier trellis (13 pages)
        • 21 MB

        Final Test, Quick Review and Resources

        Final Test to Access Certificate
          A Quick Review
            PDF: Pruning Worksheet Complete
            • 525 KB
            PDF: Top 5 Fruit Tree Pruning Tools
            • 9.07 MB
            More resources for you

              Get to Know Your Instructor

              You can reach out to your instructor at any time by posting your question in the discussions linked to each lesson.

              Susan Poizner is an urban orchardist and an ISA Certified Arborist. She is the author of the award-winning book Growing Urban Orchards and of Grow Fruit Trees Fast.

              Susan is also a former instructor of Fruit Production at
              Niagara College in Canada. She is the host of the award-winning Urban Forestry Radio Show and director of the fruit tree care training website at OrchardPeople.com.

              Don't know if this course is right for you?

              Email Susan anytime to ask your question...or check out the questions below! 

              Frequently asked questions

              What types of fruit trees will I learn to prune in this course?

              Lots of them! You'll be able to use these skills to prune and train apples, pears, apricots, peaches, cherries, plums and many other types of fruits that thrive in temperate climates.

              What is the difference between pruning and training?

              When we prune, we remove branches from the tree. Training involves bending the branches to create an optimal shape for fruit production. You'll learn how to do both in this class. 

              You also teach pruning in your course Certificate in Fruit Tree Care. How is this different?

              Yes, you do learn basic pruning in Certificate in Fruit Tree Care and that may be enough for many people. This course takes it a step further, deepening your understanding of the science of pruning and how it affects the tree. In Certificate you learn Central Leader style pruning. In this course I'll also teach you other pruning systems including open canopy pruning, espalier, UFO (fruiting walls) and high-density pruning.  If you have lots of fruit trees and want to experiment and "up your pruning game" this is the course for you. 

              Is this course appropriate for new growers?

              This course is designed for both beginner and intermediate level growers. But if you are an absolute newbie, you will also need to learn how to choose the right trees for your unique conditions, how to feed your trees and protect them from pests and diseases. If those are things that you have yet to learn, you may want to sign up for Certificate in Fruit Tree Care as well. 

              How long will I have access to the course?

              You have lifetime access to the course, so you can review it anytime. You will also have access to course upgrades throughout the years.

              How long will it take for me to complete this course?

              You should be able to complete this course in about four hours. You can do it all at once, or go through the course more slowly and take it at your own pace. 

              How much contact will I have with my instructor?

              You will be in touch with your instructor throughout this course. You will be participating in course discussions where you can ask questions and to submit course assignments for feedback. Our goal is to ensure that you feel supported during your Integrated Pest Management learning adventure!

              This course includes access to the Orchard People Community. What does that mean?

              We learn more together! So each of our flagship courses has an exculsive community page where students can share their photos, stories, experiences and class assignments. Your teacher will also be available to answer. your questions. 

              Can I share this course with friends and coworkers?

              The course is for one person only, however we do offer group discounts. Contact us to find out more!

              What if I don't enjoy this course?

              If you are not 100% satisfied with the course, we will offer you a full refund within 30 days of purchasing. 

              As an ISA Certified Arborist, how many continuing education credits (CEUs) can I earn by taking this course?

              ISA Certified Arborists can earn up to 3 CEUs for taking this course. Your ISA CEU credits for each module are evaluated separately for each module. MODULE 1: BCMA Science (0), Practice (1.75), Management (0), Climber Specialist (0), Certified Arborist (1.75), Utility Specialist (0), Municipal Specialist (0). MODULE 2: BCMA Science (0), Practice (1.25), Management (0), Climber Specialist (0), Certified Arborist (1.25), Utility Specialist (0), Municipal Specialist (0).

              As an arborist who successfully completed the course, how do I access my ISA CEU credits?

              Once you complete this course successfully with a score of 70% or more, we will send you a certificate of completion with the course’s CEU credit code on it. You’ll then submit that code to the ISA by logging into https://wwv.isa-arbor.com/ and log into MyISA. then on MY DASHBOARD scroll down to click on CEU Post Approval Portal. Once you submit your form ISA, will update your CEU totals. 

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