Nurture Your Soil

You are feeding your plants, so why aren't they thriving? Many commercial fertilizers give your plants a short term boost. But these products do not feed the soil organisms that are necessary to keep plants healthy in the long run. In this interactive, entertaining and information-packed course, urban orchardist and fruit tree care educator Susan Poizner teaches you how to unlock your soil's full potential so that your plants and trees can flourish. This course includes:

  • 30+ video lessons (5-hours of video) and 15+ mini-quizzes to improve knowledge retention. (Value $250)

  • 4 beautifully designed, full-colour eBooks for course review and more detailed information. (Value $50)

  • 30-minutes of consulting with your teacher to ask questions and discuss soil strategies. (Value $75)

  • Membership to the community forum where you can share stories and ask questions. (Value $50)

Total Value = $425 USD. Sign up today for just $249 USD.


3 Reasons Why You Need This Course

You can buy the perfect plants and care for them properly - but without healthy soil those plants will not flourish. Here are three reasons why you need this course:

  • UNDERSTAND YOUR SOIL - You can see if a plant is healthy by just looking at it. But it is impossible to evaluate soil health at a glance. This course reveals how soil functions at a microscopic level. When you understand your soil, caring for it becomes intuitive.

  • SAVE MONEY & AVOID MISTAKES - Adding too much fertilizer can be expensive - and it can also irreversibly damage your soil and the environment. This course teaches you how to take the guesswork out of amending your soil.

  • REAP THE REWARDS - Whether you are growing fruit trees, vegetables or an ornamental garden, plant health starts from the soil up. This course shows you how to build better soil so that you can enjoy better harvests, healthy plants and a beautiful garden.

Healthy soil supports healthy fruit trees

Sign up today for just $249

Course Features

  • Short Videos & Quizzes

    Take the course using your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Watch the short video lessons anytime, anywhere to learn how to grow thriving fruit trees and other plants.

  • 30 Minutes of Consulting

    Enrolled students can book a free, 30-minute consulting session with course instructor Susan Poizner, to discuss soil improvement strategies.

  • Certificate of Completion

    When you successfully complete the course you will earn a certificate of completion. Use it to access Master Gardener or ISA continuing education credits.

  • Join the Community

    Gain access to the community forum where you can share your story and ask questions. And we'll send you monthly emails with additional fruit tree care content.

  • Lifetime Access

    Complete your course right away or tackle the videos and quizzes later on. You have lifetime access to this course so you can refer back to the materials as needed over the years.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We hope you love the course. But if you don't, we offer a full, money-back guarantee within 30 days of questions asked!

Course curriculum

    1. Meet Your Instructor (3 minutes)

    2. Student walkthrough (1-minute)

    1. 101 What is Soil? (4.05 mins)

    2. Quiz 101 (3 questions)

    3. 102 Soil Particles (14.57 mins)

    4. Quiz 102 (4 questions)

    5. 103 Soil and Water (15.19 mins)

    6. Quiz 103 (4 questions)

    7. 104 Soil Aggregates (6.09 mins)

    8. Quiz 104 (4 questions)

    9. 105 Soil pH (13.20 mins)

    10. Quiz 105 (7-questioins)

    11. 106 Nutrient Ions (13.09 mins)

    12. Quiz 106 (4 questions)

    13. 107 Roots and CEC (9.04 mins)

    14. Quiz 107 (4 questions)

    15. 108 Macro and Micronutrients (10.52 mins)

    16. Quiz 108 (4 questions)

    17. 109 Soil Life (14.10 mins)

    18. Quiz 109 (7 questions)

    1. 201 Do You Need a Soil Test? (9.26 mins)

    2. Quiz 201 (3 Questions)

    3. 202 Types of Soil Tests (3.42 mins)

    4. Quiz 202 (1 question)

    5. 203 Soil Toxin Testing (10.46 mins)

    6. Quiz 203 (2 questions)

    7. 204 Soil Fertility Testing (10.16 mins)

    8. Quiz 204 (3 questions)

    9. 205 Taking a Soil Sample (11.39 mins)

    10. Quiz 205 (2 questions)

    11. 206 Analyzing Your Test Results (15.23 minutes)

    12. Quiz 206 (4 questions)

    13. 207 Leaf Tissue Testing (7.13 mins)

    14. Quiz 207 (3 questions)

    15. 208 BONUS: Soil/Tissue Test Case Study Part 1 (13.58 mins)

    16. 209 BONUS Soil/Tissue Test Case Study Part 2 (9.19 mis)

    1. 301 Synthetic Vs. Natural Fertilizers (6.59 mins)

    2. 302 Carbon and Organic Matter (12.06 mins)

    3. Quiz 302 (7 questions)

    4. 303 Organic Matter components (4.19 mins)

    5. Quiz 303 (2 questions)

    6. 304 Why CN Ratios Matter (8.36 mins)

    7. Quiz 304 (2 questions)

    8. 305 eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Fruit Tree Mulches (11 pages)

    9. 306 Mulching Your Tree (11.59 mins)

    10. Quiz 305, 306 (2 questions)

    11. 307 Fertilizing (14.12 minutes)

    12. Quiz 307 (3 questions)

    13. 308 Organic Fertilizer Options (14.59 mins)

    14. Quiz 308 (5 questions)

    15. 309 When to Fertilize Fruit Trees

    16. Quiz 309 (3 questions)

    17. 310 Foliar Sprays (7.49 minutes)

    18. 311 DIY Foliar Sprays

    19. Bonus Evaluating Fertilizer Products (15.55 mins)

    20. Quiz for Bonus Lesson (3 questions)

About this course

  • $249.00
  • 56 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content

Healthy soil supports healthy plants

If you understand your soil, it's easy to care for it. Sign up today for just $249 USD

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Course Creator

Susan is an urban orchardist, fruit tree care educator, and an award-winning author and broadcaster

Susan Poizner


Susan Poizner in an urban orchardist, fruit tree care educator and ISA Certified Arborist. She is the author of the award-winning fruit tree care book Growing Urban Orchards and the creator of the fruit tree care training website at Susan is also the host of The Urban Forestry Radio Show and an instructor of Fruit Production at Niagara College in Ontario. Susan lives in Toronto, Canada.