Digital Badges

Share Your New Credentials with Friends, Clients and Employers

Whether you are an arborist, a gardener, or a home grower, you may want to share your new fruit tree care credentials with others. So Orchard People is now offering digital badges to course graduates. Clients, employers and friends can click on your badge to learn more about your qualifications and the process required to earn them. Share your badges on social media, embed them on digital resumes or on your website, or attach them to your eSignature.

Your Instructor

Urban Orchardist and Educator Susan Poizner

Learn key fruit tree care skills with urban orchardist Susan Poizner. Susan has taught thousands of new and intermediate level growers across North America in her online and in-person workshops, webinars and courses. She is the author of the award-winning fruit tree care book "Growing Urban Orchards" and the host of The Urban Forestry Radio Show and Podcast, a monthly show that covers fruit trees, food forests, permaculture and arboriculture. Susan teaches Fruit Production at Niagara College in Ontario and is an ISA Certified Arborist.